Naperville, 3032 English Rows, Naperville, IL 60564: 630.428.4242

Our History

Tommy Nevin's poured its first pint on September 13, 1990. The Irish-themed restaurant/pub was the brainchild of Steven Prescott, who named the restaurant/pub after his grandfather, Thomas Nevin. Thomas or "Tommy" as was affectionately known was a WWI hero and devoted father. Irish Pubs LLC purchased Tommy Nevin's on May 15, 2003.

Lounging by the Fireplace at Tommy Nevin's in Naperville

Always remember: “There are no strangers here; only friends who have not yet met”.


Tommy Nevin’s Pub Naperville opened its doors July 2007; with a focus on serving great food, being a place for good conversation and music, in a distinctive Irish inspired atmosphere. Our menu is traditional Irish and American comfort food, and our collection of spirits is extensive. We are a team comprised of individuals dedicated to achieving and maintaining the highest standards of service, product, and entertainment. It is only by meeting the highest expectations of our customers that we can achieve total success.

We invite you to raise your glass with us and say Slainte!